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Looking towards the coast & the Hebrides from Stac Pollaidh
Helping you to create your tour

Scroll through the following example tours to gain an insight into what is possible. We want to help you make the most of your tour, so all our tours can be designed to your needs and preferences.


Although single day tours focus on the far north-east of the Scottish Highlands, we can start a multi-day tour from further afield around the North Coast 500 or within its heartland and welcome your call to discuss what would suit your needs best.

To book a tour or make an enquiry, do take a look at our 'Availability' page and then get in touch via email, phone or by using the form on our 'Contact Us' page.

North Coast 500 Grand Explorer

(7 Days)

An in-depth journey of discovery across this land of contrasts.

Covering both the iconic North Coast 500 coastal route as well as some of the vast and contrasting scenery of the interior, this comprehensive route of the North Highlands will provide a detailed and enjoyable insight into the landscape, people and culture of the area.

Enjoy the dramatic mountains and lochs of the west coast, the expansive sandy beaches of the north and the picturesque fishing harbours and medieval castles of the east – not to mention the distilleries, crafts people, an abundance of history and, if you are lucky, some stunning sunsets.

Tailored to your needs and preferences, this tour is intended to give you exactly what you want from a holiday and we will work with you to create your ideal itinerary.

Create a true souvenir of the Highlands to treasure long after you’ve headed home.


The North Coast 500 Explorer

(6 Days)

Discover the real lives and experiences of this iconic route.

The North Coast 500 is a staggeringly beautiful route and this tour will show you the very best of the classic North Coast 500 - from the iconic attractions to an abundance of other sights, experiences and even surprises. With deserted beaches, mighty mountains, picturesque lochs and iconic wildlife as well as medieval castles, prehistoric burial chambers, local crafts and distilleries, you'll experience more than the average tourist along the way. 

With your experienced guide by your side, you'll discover the stories behind the landscape and you won’t have to concern yourself with navigating the miles of single track roads that you’ll encounter over long sections of the route.

Sit back, relax and allow us to lead you on a memorable exploration of the North Coast 500.


The Heart of the North Highlands Explorer (4 Days)

Experience the rich landscape, culture and heritage of the North Highlands.

If you would like to get a sense of the North Highlands but you are a little short on time, then this tour is a great one to choose.


The route gives a balance between the huge landscapes of the heartlands, the drama of the coastline, the rich history behind the scenery plus some local artisans along the way.


Touching all 3 coastlines of the North Highlands, you will acquire an understanding of life across the whole area, both now and in yesteryear - and we are sure you’ll be left wanting more.

Needing a brief time out from day- to-day life? Then this tour could be for you.


The West Highland Explorer

(4 Days)

Learn what lies beneath the surface of the beautiful west coast.

Many people say that the west coast is the highlight of their North Highland adventures. To be sure, whether it is the impressive and notable geology of the region, the magnificent vistas around each corner, the abundance of white sandy beaches interspersed along the coastline or the retail and craft opportunities along the way which inspire you – the west coast will not disappoint. 

This tour takes in some of the most challenging roads in the North Highlands but also allows the possibility of a hill walk or even a boat excursion out to the Summer Isles (in-season and weather-permitting), depending on what you enjoy.

This uniquely curated insight into the North Highlands west coast will leave you with an unforgettable experience.


The North Highland History Explorer (4 Days)

Uncover 5000 years of 'Human Highland History'.

The Highlands landscape harbours an unrivalled collection of sites of national historical importance.

On this tour we will accompany you on a time traveller’s journey starting around 3500BC and taking you right into the modern era. We will visit ancient burial tombs, mysterious stone circles, Viking battle sites, ruined medieval castles and the deserted villages of the Highland Clearances.

The last 200 years have also contributed greatly to the development of the region - so we will go exploring for abandoned World War Two camps and investigate the boom and bust of the fishing industry too.

If you love history, you'll love this tour!


The Highland Clearances Explorer (3 Days)

Bring this infamous period of Scottish history to life.

Whilst the Clearances occurred right across the Highlands, the Clearances on the Sutherland Estate have gained a bleak notoriety unmatched in Scotland.

This 3 day tour follows the unfolding story of the Sutherland Clearances through the wild and rugged landscape. The key personalities will be introduced to you from the very places they lived and worked and using the landscape like a vast theatrical stage, you will be immersed in the unfolding drama.

This is not just a guided tour of the history of the Sutherland Clearances, however – this is an involving first-hand experience that will physically and emotionally engage you in history.

Relive this historical period in a very real way and enjoy some stunning landscapes along the way. 


The Caithness Explorer

(1 Day)

Discover Caithness - a wee gem at the end of the lands.

The historic county of Caithness has so much to offer, yet if you only drive through on the main road without stopping – as many do – you are likely to miss out on the many sights and experiences which it holds.

Travel just off the beaten track and you can discover a land shaped by history dating back over 400 million years, a wild and scenic coastline marked by unspoilt sandy beaches and dramatic cliffs and a myriad of sea birds and other wildlife.

Ideal for cruise liner visitors to Scrabster port and those with limited time but who want maximum inspiration.


The Highland Explorer

(1 Day)

Unearth the perfect location for peace, tranquillity, and an escape from modern-day life.

This excellent ‘showcase’ tour of the North East Highlands comprises vast empty vistas, picturesque glens - and a wealth of wildlife and human history too, if you know where to find it. 

Be mesmerised by the heart of the North Highlands where the horizon is always a long way off in the distance, ringed by mountains, threaded by rivers and enveloped by the domed sky. Discover the desolate Glen Loth, stopping to admire the vista from more than one thousand feet above the valley floor! And complete your trip by seeing the beautiful sandy beaches of the north coast.

This is a day trip into nature, scenery and the great outdoors – from the comfort of our luxury vehicle.

If you are looking for a moment of calm, this special day will no doubt find it for you. So take that time, invest just one day – and let us do the work while you escape to a place of dreams.

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