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A Golden Celebration (Guest Review)

The challenges which the COVID virus brought to us all last year meant that it was not the best year for touring with guests. However, we managed a fantastic 8-day tour in September with a lovely couple from Devon who were celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary by taking a trip down memory lane. They wanted to revisit some of the places he had visited on a camping trip with a friend in the mid 1960’s and others they had enjoyed together with their young family.

Their initial thoughts of visiting the north west corner of Scotland over 7 days quickly turned into an 8-day tour of the whole North Coast 500 after some extensive chats with us. And with much discussion over itineraries, including adjustments due to the virus restrictions, a plan was set.

The resultant feedback reminded us why we do what we do – and that despite the difficult times we are all facing currently, the North Highlands will continue to be here, and we look forward to continuing to share it with you, as we did with Mr and Mrs M.

“I can honestly say it was one of the most enjoyable holidays I’ve ever had!”

“Our initial plans were to visit the far north west, but Robert convinced us that Caithness and Sutherland were also worth exploring - so glad we took his advice.”

“He (Robert) is a mine of information on everything from prehistory to modern times, as well as being able to translate Pictish/Gaelic/Viking place names so that they made sense.”

“Robert is a friendly relaxed guide and Sally-Ann did a great job of liaising with us over recent months as we made and altered arrangements several times…”

“The Land Rover used to take us around was well maintained and equipped and very clean and we were soon totally confident with Robert’s driving along some quite difficult routes.”

“We can’t recommend them highly enough if you want to look beneath the surface of a beautiful country in good company!”

Enjoy a few of the sights our guests saw during their tour.....

(all photos shown were taken on their trip!)

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