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NC500 Tour Guide turns Journalist

Published six times a year and distributed throughout the UK and North America, SCOTLAND Magazine showcases the stunning landscapes and beauty of our country as well as sharing stories of culture, heritage and history.

The front cover of Scotland Magazine and a double page inside spread of an article about The Highland Clearances in Sutherland.
Scotland Magazine: The Highland Clearances

The latest issue (No. 116: May/June 2021) features an article focused on The Highland Clearances of Sutherland, written by no-less than our very own guide Robert! Having completed a project on one aspect of the ‘Clearances’ for his ongoing degree - the History, Heritage and Culture of the North Highlands, he was so taken by the ‘story’ that he has continued his journey of discovery into the truth and detail of what happened during those turbulent times in Scottish history by continuing his research.

The SCOTLAND Magazine article (just the first part of two – read the second half in the July/August issue) just skims the surface of what occurred. But if you would love to know the truth, experience some of the sights and learn about the two sides of the story, then why not consider our NEW 3-day HIGHLAND CLEARANCES EXPLORER TOUR.

For more information, see the OUR TOURS page and read our Highlands Clearances Tour BLOG.

An aerial view of Dunrobin Castle in the sunshine.
Dunrobin Castle, Sutherland
A view looking south down the Strath of Kildonan towards Helmsdale with a river running through the middle.
The Strath of Kildonan - the site of cleared settlements
An aerial view of the cleared village showing a run rig system of raised beds (to assist with drainage) for arable crops and the outline of buildings for people and animals on the right.
The cleared village of Learable Hill, Strath of Kildonan
The Emigrants' statue showing a kilted man looking forward to an unknown future with a young boy looking up to him for guidance.
The Emigrants' statue, Helmsdale

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