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Visit Scotland 5 star Award held!

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Accreditation retained during COVID restrictions.


Back in the summer of 2019, we were delighted to be awarded with a top star rating by Visit Scotland at the first time of being assessed. This occurs when a ‘mystery shopper’ visitor books and take a tour just like any other guest. Then, at the end of the tour, you are told that it was your Visit Scotland Quality Assessment, and the ‘guest’ provides feedback on their encounter – from initial booking through to the end of the experience. A nerve-wracking affair!

However, it was reassuring to receive some of the following feedback as a result:

"The whole tour was professionally run from the original booking right through to the conclusion.”

“The amount of time and effort you invested in setting up the tour and creating the bespoke itinerary was very impressive. It was good to see all the technology that you use to enhance the overall experience for your customers. The live feed flying camera was especially good.”

“From an orientation point of view, it could not have been better. You showed me both the route and the main things we would see on an iPad [using the iE² App]. This is a great piece of technology which allows you to easily pinpoint any one of 2500 specific sites and places of interest.”

“It was good to get out of the vehicle so many times and be able to explore properly. I also like the props that you had to help bring some of the history to life.”

“It was an enjoyable day.”

“I am pleased to confirm that a five-star award has been achieved. There is very little improvement advice I can give as all the scores were either 9/10 (excellent) or 10/10 (outstanding)!”

It is a shame that businesses are unable to be reassessed at present due to the current COVID restrictions in place. However, we are thankful that Visit Scotland has decided to ‘carry forward’ our current award through into 2022. In return, we were able to reassure them that we are continuing to develop our offer through both the enhanced knowledge Robert is gaining in his degree studies (History, Heritage & Culture of the North Highlands) and practically with the purchase of a 270° awning which attaches to our vehicle providing additional protection from some of the ‘occasional’ inclement weather we may experience while out on tour!



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