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Take a Bird's Eye view of the North Coast 500....

....With our 'Sky Explorer' camera!

An aerial view of one of the sea stacks at Duncansby
An unusual view of Duncansby Stacks

Have you ever wished you could be a bird soaring up on high, seeing waterfalls from above, being level with the top of a mountain (without the walk!) or viewing castles on a cliff edge from the sea?

Well now you can - with our Sky Explorer!*

A hasd shot of a lady wearing DJI VR Goggles (racing edition)
A guest enjoying our 'Sky Explorer' experience

Come on a tour with us and experience views you may not otherwise see with our ‘flying camera’, a combination of a drone and goggles, enabling you to view what the drone sees and ‘visit’ places you may not otherwise get to enjoy, without stepping foot off the ground.

Ideal for those short on time or with mobility issues, or anyone who just loves to experience something different, our Sky Explorer means you do not have to miss out.

Join us on tour for a different point of view – with our ‘Sky Explorer’!

*subject to weather conditions on the day

An aerial shot of the Clashnessie waterfalls
A bird's eye view of Clashnessie Waterfalls

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