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Visit Scotland’s 2022 Themed Year – the Year of Stories

Did you know that each year Visit Scotland features a ‘theme’ as part of its communication, to celebrate the very best of Scotland and its people and culture? Part of its aim is to share a side to Scotland which you maybe didn’t know about before.

Recent years have seen a focus on Food and Drink (2015), Innovation, Architecture & Design (2016), History, Heritage & Archaeology (2017), Young People (2018) and Coasts and Waters (2020/21).

2022 is Scotland’s Year of Stories – celebrating stories and tales inspired by, created or written in Scotland.

This is really exciting – as most of us love a good story, an opportunity to connect with others, share, learn and experience life – or perhaps it provides the opportunity to just lose yourself in another world for a while. Scotland, and the North Highlands, where we are fortunate to live and work, has an abundant heritage of stories and storytelling to share. Local tales, oral traditions, great stories told in books or even on screen – all inspired by the landscape, the history, the culture and the many diverse voices which have lived and worked across the area.

We hope to share some of these over the coming weeks, starting with our own story, explaining what inspired us to move to the North Coast of Scotland.

Stories are a vital part of Scotland’s culture and every community has a different tale to tell. Come and a tour with us and you’ll have the opportunity to hear both enchanting myths and legends, as well as modern day tales of real-life icons. All helping to create your very own '2022 Scotland Story'!


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